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10 Great Reasons for Working Out

Improved Memory

By working out, you can become smarter, with the increased blood flow of oxygenated blood, brain volume can increase. This helps to improve your cognition skills, helps to learn faster and can also help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s due to aging, not only can you become smarter but your levels of creativity can increase.

Reduced Stress

Stress is everywhere, even if it is just a bad day at the office when you exercise many endorphins get released, these are the body’s natural stress-fighters, these can help reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed and happier. Regular aerobic exercises have also been shown to have a better effect than medication for depression, studies have shown after a period of a few months, some people showed no signs of actually suffering from depression.

Increased Energy

You may think it is a bit backward, but working out can increase your energy levels, these can be increased by up to 20% whilst decreasing fatigue by over 60%, any form of cardio workout can also help to reduce exhaustion and fatigue. The reasons for this happening are your metabolic rate increases, which in turn releases the brain chemical dopamine, it is this that helps you feel less tired.

Stronger Heart

The heart is a muscle like any other, the more you work it the stronger the heart muscles will become, this can help protect against heart disease or other related illnesses. It has also been shown, working out can help you live longer, the life expectancy can be increase to the same extent as if you quit smoking. By working out or even just a 30-minute walk daily can have positive effects on heart condition.

Metabolic Syndrome

There are three factors that make up metabolic syndrome, these being, excessive fat around the waist, high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure/ cholesterol levels. Working out has been shown to reverse these effects and wipe out the risk of metabolic syndrome. It has also been found it is not just one specific type of exercise that helps, you need to do a variety to keep the heart rate varying.


Working out 2 – 3 times per week can also help fight off common illnesses much more easily, the chances of catching a common cold are cut by up to 50%. Allergies can also be reduced, if you suffer from sneezing, congestion or watery eyes, a 30-minute run can reduce these by up to 90%.


Cardio sessions can help reduce the effects of PMS, 60 minute sessions three times per week can help reduce the symptoms and raise the mood over time. Not only does it reduce pains, headaches, fatigue and the depressed feeling, it also reduces the feeling of being bloated.

Stronger Bones and Posture

Weight bearing exercise help to build bone density, especially in older people, this reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis, although to maintain this, the exercise must be carried out. With stronger bones and muscles, the posture can be improved, with regular exercise on the abs and back muscles, this will lead to an improved posture while either sitting or standing.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Exercise can make you feel better on the inside and reduces many negative thoughts about your body, with an improved appearance, self-confidence also improves. It not only leads to confidence in yourself, but also in life situations, there is less urge to shy away from social issues, you will feel more confident to tackle anything.


Deep meaningful sleep helps the body to recover from the day, and restore its energy levels, sleep also allows brain functions to clear the mind. Exercise not only helps you sleep better, it can help as a prevention of insomnia. Although it should be noted, not to work out within a few hours of going to bed, this will energize you and prevent you from sleeping.

As you will notice the most obvious reason for working out and exercising is missing, “losing weight”, everyone knows that exercise helps with losing and maintaining weight. It was intentionally left out, so it could be shown the other reasons for working out.

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