How to Become an Off Page SEO Expert?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very common term for those people who want to be an expert SEO or already an SEO person. We always try to do some unique techniques for an effective SEO but sometimes we get success and sometimes not. Here some major SEO tips for you which will help you to understand the basic of off SEO and also give you an effective result.

Remember, your whole SEO works starts from selecting a domain name for a website or blog. Yes, it is the reality. I already published a blog related to this topic

Top Tips to Select Your Website or Blog Domain Name.

As we all know, two types of SEO are available, on the page and off the page. When you will get a website for SEO, the first thing you need to do is on page SEO. Basically, on page SEO is a static process because you are not going to change your website meta, content, structure, title every day. If you change them regularly then your SEO will be a big ZERO.

Here we are talking about off page SEO. Off-page, SEO is a long-term process. There have many ways to start an off page work but the whole process takes time.

Directory Submission

Yes, I know that if you are a regular SEO blog reader then definitely you have read that, directory submission is no more. Yes, I also read many blogs based on that topic but believe me it still works. It is true that the output is really slow but it works. It is not a one-day process. You have to do it every day for a better result. Try to submit 50 web directory every day and it is sure that you will get the result after 2 to 3 months. I always try to submit web directories. You can follow . It is a great directory for beginners.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a major part and it can give you instant traffic for your website. Make community and follow community as well as share your website link to social bookmarking websites for a valuable outside link as well as visitors. Here some major social bookmarking websites for you.

Content Marketing

This is the most important part of off page SEO and unfortunately, more than 60% of SEO experts do the mistake here. Basically, we have a common process that finds out some relevant keyword and write some content based on those keywords and publish them on high PR websites. For your information, those days are gone. Google is now much smarter. So, don’t write for the search engine, write for the people. Make your content informative. If people show interest in your published article, then they will show interest in you and your business. I have read many blogs where experts say that sends a request to other good blogs for guest posting but if you ask me, I don’t like to follow this process. If you want to post blogs, then post it on your own website blog or open a free blog on WordPress or blogger. Yes, I know that a newly opened blog is not a high PR web blog but still if you published quality content every day, believe me, your blog can touch the sky. I have my own experience regarding that. If you want to know more about guest posting, then visit

Why is Guest Posting Important for Search Engine Optimization?

Some article publishing website for you

The press release also plays a great role in your content marketing. You should publish press releases for your new website regarding the services you are providing. Make people aware that you are here and waiting to serve them. Many free press release submission websites are available. Register with them and submit your press release. Here some names of press release publishing websites. – Free Distribution Company with offices in 12 states. – Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts. – Distributes your release, offers a web page with one keyword link to your site. Pro upgrade will give you three links, permanent archiving and more. – Allows for free distribution to sites and search engines, premium membership differs only slightly from adding in graphics. – All the usual free distribution tools, premium service includes a logo, product picture and more. – Not only will they distribute your press releases, but you can also set up a full company profile. – Ad supported press distribution site.

Social Media

Here definitely nothing to explain. I know all of you are users friendly about it. And also we all know that social media is a major stage of SEO as well as digital marketing. I have published one blog on social media marketing. Read it for some magical tips and tricks of social media marketing.

Here some social media websites for you.

All above mentioned social media websites are really effective for SEO.

Other Small Tricks

Here also have many other small tricks which we always avoid but still they play for our team such as blog commenting, question and answering, forum posting. Classified posting and much more. Do all this little activity every day and believe me you will get the result very soon.

Remember that, off page SEO, is a very very and very long process and it takes time. Many inside factors work like domain age, published articles link age and much more so don’t take worry if you see that you are not getting rank. Just do your task and wait for the result.

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