Best Free Ways to Promote Your Business Online

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Are you a business owner? If yes then definitely you know the value of business promotion. If you have a huge amount of budget for marketing then this article is not for you but if you want to grow up from the ground level and don’t have a big budget for marketing then these tips are only for you.

Business promotion or marketing needs lots of patience and some common sense. I already published a content Sketches Should be Done Before Starting a Business. You should read this for a better idea.

Here are the best free ways of business promotion for you and your valuable business.

Social Media Promotion

We all aware about social media, a common platform for every internet user and also a great place for marketing. After inventing of social media, when online marketers observed that the place is one of the best options for marketing, they started it. You also can make a strong footprint on social media by giving regular time and little effort. The most important thing is that they are free for everyone.

You can make business pages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. It will give your business a social identity. People can follow your business page, share your business page and also able to like your business page. All of this services are absolutely free. You don’t need to pay a single rupee for this.

Bellow is the tutorial that how to open business pages Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Blog Promotion

This is also a great idea to promote a business. The blog also a free option for you. You can register with blogger or WordPress and start your free blog. Post regular contentonn your blog and share this contents to your social business pages. This is a great idea to attract new readers and customers to your business and blog. Also, a good blog with the regular update can get a good position on Google which is also a great advantage.

Besides all of this, you can use your free blog as your business website, where you can store all of your business information such as products, address, content information, about your business and much more. All of this will help you to make an identity on the internet.

Here is the tutorial that how to register with blogger for a free blog

Email Marketing

Many of us have a wrong idea that email marketing needs a lot of money but if you have a small mail list and you want to send the email then you don’t need to pay anything. You can send 2000 emails free to promote your business. If your business is in start-up situation then the digit is enough for you.

You juts need to visit MailChimp and register with them. They will allow you to send 2000 emails and also you can track that how many people open the mail and showed interest in your business. The whole process of email marketing is not a big deal if you are a regular internet user.

Here is the tutorial for you that how to register with MailChimp

Free Local Business Listing

Local business listing websites are getting more and more importance every day. Huge numbers of websites are available who are offering free business registration. You just need to visit their website and register your business with them. Many Indian famous free business listing websites are available for free such as JustDial, TradeSights, Yellow Page and much more.

You can get lots of benefits with a free business listing, even there has a chance to get more business with free business listing websites. So do it now to get more and more responses from customers.

Here are the top free business listing websites in India

Now you know the best ways of online business promotion without investing a single rupee. So, start all of this from today and make your business stand up among the crowd.

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