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One of the major marketing strategies that can help online business persons to build a successful internet business is search engine optimization or SEO, the procedure of tailoring your website to the algorithms that search uses to rank websites depended on signals that the site emits. However, the algorithms of search engine continue to change with the time as the web evolves, so online retailers need to evolve with search engines. We have to make sure we keep up to date with the best trends to claim the best possible ranking for relevant keywords. If you want your website to rank among the top results of the search engines in 2016, here are the main components of engine optimization strategy that should know to rank well in top search engines.


Research keywords are the first step to a successful search engine optimization strategy. Those successful with SEO know what people are looking for when discovering their business in a search engine. These are the strong keywords they use to drive visitors to their products or services. Use Google Adwords Keywords Tool to see how the competition looks. If you observe that some keywords are too competitive in your niche, then you should go with long-tail keywords which will be easier for you to rank. On the other side, you can use pay per click campaigning.

Meta Tags

Still, meta tags play a great role in search engine optimization. If you use any keyword into a search engine, you will see that how the keyword is reflected in the title of that page. The Google always looks at the title of your page as a signal of relevance for that keyword. And the same logic works with the description of the page.


It is true that content is the king. Great content can drive more traffic to your page. Search engines have declared that creating good and quality content is the ultimate way to not only rank for keywords but also develop positive user experience. It will also run a long distance with making sure you are educating your customers, as well as being an authority in your niche will lead to boosts in sales.


If content is the king, then you should remember that backlinks are queen. It is not about which site has the most backlinks, but who has the most quality links available back to their website. Create backlinks by submitting monthly press releases on any available company, and contacting famous blogs in your niche to know how you can work together to achieve a backlink from their website. Develop the ultimate possible product website you can, so people talking about the goods or services sell will link back. But you should remember that quality backlink is very important for a website because spam back links can affect your online reputation. Online reputation management is a very important factor for a successful SEO campaigning.

Social Media

The systems have changed since social media first emerged. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and much more available on the internet. All of them are the primary source of digital marketing as well as you can spread your business stories through this platforms. When digital marketers observed that social media is getting importance, then they selected it as the primary component of digital marketing. Now a day without using the power of social media it is not possible to get success on the field of digital advertising.

Magical guidelines of social media marketing

Also, to using this five major areas of your site, you should analyze your rivals and see what they are doing regarding on page optimization. While you are doing a lot of same things what your rivals are doing, it is vital to think outside of the box.

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