Google preferred White Hat SEO, WHY?

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The business organizations are using White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques which can boost their website and improve their ranking.

White Hat SEO Techniques and Black Hat SEO Techniques are two popular SEO Techniques which are used by business organizations to enhance their ranking but Google Prefer White Hat SEO Techniques which are ethical, long term and are performed through proper methods. White Hat SEO Techniques can be defined as any services that improve the performance of your search engine page (SERP) whereas managing the integrity of your webpage and following the search engine policies.

Google is the most powerful search engine visited by billions of people each day and every single visit improves your chance to get discovered by a customer. Therefore it is important to use White Hat SEO Techniques which are preferred by Google and it dislikes, takes strict actions against Black Hat SEO techniques. The consequence of being blocked and banned by world most powerful search engine with no guarantee of re listing or getting the chance of re launching your website can completely destroy and terminate your business.

white hat and black hat seo

Here are few reasons why Google Prefer White Hat SEO techniques:

1.White Hat SEO Follow Rules and Regulations of Search Engine:

White Hat SEO use optimized techniques, strategies and methods which is based on human demand and strictly follows the rules and regulations of search engine. Following rules and policies of Google Search Engine will keep you safe from any spam or using non-ethical method of search engine optimization.

2.White Hat SEO Implement Mobile Optimization:

According to latest research the mobile version is given preference by Google Search Engine as it helps loading at a faster speed on mobile phones.

It also helps in checking the joining metrics of mobile phones to repair all concerns and fill in the holes.

It also observes the Google Analysis Data which includes the bouncing rate, time spend and traffic flow on mobile phones.

It enhances the customer experience by loading webpage in less than half seconds by using Accelerated Mobile pages which assist in approaching the targeted customer in an effective manner and bring positive results for the website. Website that is quickly downloaded and easy to navigate is preferred by the customer.

3.Google Validate the White Hat SEO Schema Techniques:

Schema is one of the best techniques offered by White Hat SEO for any business. By using the correct Schema for product, organization, person, website, pricing, event, articles, videos and reviews you can improve the ranking of your business. This can be achieved by adding correct code like JSON-LD and informative meta-description to your website.

4.Google gives preference to the content instead of Meta Tags:

Appropriate Keyword searching is another important White Hat SEO Technique. Google identifies the coding language, stemming, answers and synonyms giving preference to the context of the material. The latest White Hat SEO Techniques includes latest keyword tools which consider this important factor by creating keyword groups, things and parent topics. Add relevant keywords, keyword rich descriptive Meta Tags and avoid using keyword stuffing this helps in improving the traffic flow and convergence.

5.Optimized and Quality Content is preferred by Google:

White Hat SEO Techniques focuses on producing quality of the content by understanding the objective of the target customer this helps in increasing the convergence and traffic flow the target audience to wards your website.

Placement of proper keywords is extremely important for a successful website, to improve ranking add optimized content, sub- headings and headings & meta-description and title. Use latent and relevant semantic index the marketing of your business content. You can also apply SEO Content Writing Tips and techniques to optimize the content of your blog.

6.Google Prefer the Link Earning Method:

White Hat SEO Techniques strictly follow the link earning method rather than link farming or bulk link method as the Google uses software called Penguin 4.0 to filter individual web page instead of complete domain and if it observes any scam it penalizes the website and may ban it forever.

Some of effective link earning methods include creating broken link, exchange links and content outreaching methodology. You can also make use of Link building thorough link round up, baiting adding content and guest blogs. The visual content always attracts the customer so you can add link to your website with it this technique will help in directing traffic flow towards your website.

If these White Hat SEO Techniques are followed effectively they can help in doubling the traffic flow of your target audience towards your website thus improving your overall popularity and web ranking.

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