Why is Guest Posting Important for Search Engine Optimization?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method which helps to improve the search rank in Google. In whole SEO process, there have many stages and rules; an SEO expert has to follow. They also need to apply different strategies to achieve the goal and guest posting is one of them.

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Content marketing or you can say guest posting brings the maximum results for an SEO expert, so it is the most important bullet fired the SEO experts.

Google, the DON of the internet decides who will be on the first page and who in SECOND. In the world of SEO, there has a famous line “ If you want to hide a dead body, hide it on the second page of Google search result.” People do not like to visit the second page of Google search result.

How Google Works to RANK your Website?

There has a big list of the process, but here we are going to discuss how content marketing can help you. Google does raid in every website of the internet after a certain time and collects all the new links. Also, it follows an algorithm. When Google gets your website links on other high PR websites, then your link gets more value from Google.

Yes, after that Google makes an improvement on your position among the search results.

For a good ranking in Google, you need quality backlinks. If you search in Google, you will found a big number of websites offer free backlinks by just a single click. Don’t go for them because they are not quality links and you may get punished by Google. (Your website will be in Google spam list) But after guest posting, your links will be highly preferred by the major search engines. You can say them manually submitted backlinks.

So, when you submit a guest post on a high PR website, Google finds your website link from that website and improve your position. But the work is not soo simple. You have to give focus on your targeted words and also need to provide fresh contents for your content marketing process.

In my last post, I already said that Write for the people, not for the search engine.

Don’t only think about your Google rank. Those websites are very famous who offer guest posting service and every day big digits of people visit them such as samplediary.com, ezine.com, sooperarticle.com and much more. So when you do a guest posting on their website, they display your article, and people read it. So it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to spread your business, and also it helps to provide information related to your business among the internet readers.

Guest posting contributes to making a strong relation with Google as well as audiences. You can use the following methods also to improve your backlinks such as

1. Forum Submission

2. Classified Submission

3. Press Release Submission

4. Social Bookmarking

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