How to Make A YouTube Channel & Monetize YouTube Videos?

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Making a YouTube Channel is a very easy task if you know the proper way to create it and on the other hand, monetize YouTube videos are easier. But if you are a starter in this field then it may be little hard for you. Here I am going to describe everything about YouTube channel creation and monetize YouTube videos.

You need to remember that you should have a Gmail id to start your YouTube Channel. Also, you need to keep in mind that your videos should be unique and captured by your own hands. If there has any copyright issue with your uploaded videos in YouTube then your videos will be never monetized. So, at first, collect some unique videos to start your channel and then start the forward process.

First Step

At the very first step, you need to visit Now you can see a blue “sign in” option on the right-hand corner of the website. You just need to click on the sign in option and log in by using your Gmail id. Now you are ready to create a brand new YouTube channel.

sigh in at youtube

Step Two

Now it is the time to create a new YouTube channel. Click on the left-hand corner of your computer screen and you will find “my channel” option. Click on that option and a new page will be arrived where you can decorate your new channel.

YouTube Channel Create

youtube channel

That my channel option gives you the opportunity to decorate your new channel by giving a banner or cover photo, channel description and much more. Also, you can change your channel name by clicking on that option.

You need to click on “add channel art” option to upload a cover pic or banner for your YouTube Channel and also need to click on “channel description” option to give a description for your channel.

create youtube channel

Step Three

In this step, you need to upload a video to your brand new channel which is a very important work. Remember that, your video and your video description will give you the maximum support to develop a famous channel so be careful when you are uploading a video.

For uploading a new video for your YouTube channel you need to click on the upload sign which will be available in the upper corner of your right hand on your computer screen.

Step Four

After clicking on the upload video symbol, video upload screen will arrive with a big upload symbol. Now click on that symbol and upload your video by doing the browsing process which is similar to a photo uploading process on Facebook.

youtube channel

Step Five

After uploading the video, many options will arrive where you can give video description, change video title, insert tags or keywords for better search results, selecting Thumbnail image and much more. After doing all of this things, now press on the “publish” option to make your video live on the YouTube.

youtube channel

Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your video is live now on YouTube and people can watch your video.

How to Monetized Your YouTube Video?

Video monetization process is easy on YouTube but you should keep in mind that before monetizing your YouTube channel, you should register for AdSense by using your Google account which you have used to log in on YouTube. This process will reduce your difficulties.

Now you have uploaded a video successfully on your channel and now it is the time to apply for Google AdSense. For starting the application process, you need to click on your profile pic which is available on the right-hand upper corner of your computer screen and after clicking on it, you will find an option which is “Creator Studio.”

youtube channel making

Now click on the “channel” option from your left-hand menu and then a new page will arrive where you will get the enable monetization option. Now just click on that option and go to the last page of this stage where you need to complete 3 processes for final submission.

The first process is “YouTube Partner Program terms” where you need to accept all the terms and conditions provided by Google. The second option is “Sign up for AdSense” where you need to log in to your AdSense account or if you don’t have any AdSense account then you can create it. The third option is “Set monetization preferences” where you can select the ad topic which you want to display in your video. You should select the topics related to your videos. For example, if your video is related to digital marketing then select digital marketing related advertise.

youtube channel

There also have one more option which is get “reviewed after reaching 10,000 views” but in this case, nothing is in our hands. When you will get 10,000 viewers for your channel then Google will review your channel and get the approbation that your channel is eligible for Google to advertise or not.

So, now you just need to wait and promote your channel to get 10,000 viewers which is really not a big digit for YouTube videos because if your videos are informative and if you able to promote them properly then your will get your milestone within 3 to 4 days.

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