How to Start Your First Blog?

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Only a blogger knows the feeling when people give great comments after reading his blog posts. But there have many confusions for a first time blogger when he/she determines his/herself to start a blog. Here I am going to write every type of details and information which you should know before starting a new blog.

 From Where We Should Start?

There have many parts of a blog such as blog topics, domain name, hosting, blogging platform and much more which you have to think before starting it. Remember that, if you are a first-time blogger and if you make a mistake then the blogger ghost will leave you forever.

Now, the very very and very first question is, which part of a blog we should think first?

At first, we should think about the hosting, NO.. NO.. think about the domain name OH.. NO.. let’s think about the topic.

Okay.. okay take a long breath….

 Topic for Your New Blog

Now I am going to ask you a question, think about the answer. Remember that only one answer will be accepted. “Why People type your domain name and visit your blog?”

I know you have an answer and it may be to read your blog posts. But this is not the ultimate answer. People will come and read you for your UNIQUE POSTS OR TOPICS. Yes, it is true. You need to represent the common things by using some uncommon ways. So at the very first stage, you need to think about the topic you want to write in your blog. Think about any topic, from any sector such as banking, environment, SEO, Digital marketing or anything. Also, you may make a bunch of topics and write about every sector. It’s all up to you.

I think you already have started your thinking about your blog topic if you really want to open one.

Select A Domain Name

So your blog topic is ready now. Now, what is next? The next part is the domain name. Domain name can bring the success for you and on the other hand may the cause of a disaster. You may have great contents in your blog but domain name has the power to destroy your efforts. So, remove the dust before placing your foot.

I have already published “Top Tips to Select Your Website or Blog Domain Name

Read it before purchasing a domain.

 Hosting Plans

So, now we have blog topic and also have a domain name. That mean we have done two major tasks. Now, what is the third one? At this stage, you need to think about a hosting plan. So, before selecting a hosting plan, you need to know what is hosting?

In nontechnical words, hosting is a place where your uploaded content, pictures, blog theme will be stored. It is a place, from where people will access your blog by using your domain name. So, it also has an important role. If your hosting provider is not good then your visitor may face problems and if a visitor face problem then remembers that the person will never come back again. That mean you will lose a valuable visitor.

Yes, valuable visitor because


 There has a big amount of confusion regarding which hosting company is best but remember that experience says everything. Many people will advise you about many hosting plans but if they don’t have any experience of using them then their advice is useless.

As you can see that, I have little bit experience regarding this. I have started my first blog with Hostgator’s hosting plan and truly saying it was a fabulous experience because they offer a user-friendly control panel and amazing customer support. You can say that I am a fan of HostGator so still, I am using their services. Also, they have affordable hosting plans and as a regular customer, i get 25% discount on every purchase.

 Create Your Own Blog With 25% Discount

I don’t recommend for low priced hosting plans because they are not good and also disturb the visitors, even their customer service is not enough good. Always go for a startup plan if you are a first-time blogger and if you get success then go to the next level. I am just sharing my hosting experience with Hostgator, if you know any other hosting service which offers excellent services then you can go for it but remember that low cost is not always best.

 Blog Post Titles

Okay, so we have a domain name, hosting plan and also we have selected our topic but still there has one more important thing is left which is selecting a blog post title.

Yes, it is also a very difficult work for newcomers. Blog post titles play a major role. If your blog title is attractive then people will read it or they will leave your page within a second. I can show you the easiest way.

Shut your room’s all doors and windows now take a blank page and a pen.

Now? Start writing blog post titles which you have in your mind. Write all of them one by one and now all of your ideas are in front of you. Select the most attractive titles which you like most. Yes, you like most because you are going to write for the people not for the search engine so if you like them then there has a chance that other people also going to like them. Don’t throw the left titles, they may help you in future so keep them in a safe place.

It is time to do some research work. Research about your selected titles. Note that how much information is available on the internet about your selected topics and how they did the presentation.

Now you have a basic idea that how you will start your writing and how you will present your prepared food on the plate. In the case of writing, your power of thinking will help you most, not your experience.

Now you are the owner of four major things which you need to start your own blog. Throw your negative thinking and do the best for your new dream. Expand your power of thinking and display your creation by using alphabets.

Hope all of this tips will help you to overcome all major burdens and also help you to start a successful blog. If you like it then share it and help the other people who are facing the same problem like you.

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