How to use process management for better SEO

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The success of an SEO project depends on many different factors and not just a single action, as any SEO specialist knows well. However, the success of your actions will depend a lot on how you establish and manage your processes.

If you want to draw processes, you can click here and give it a try. It’s a free tool.

Establish processes, manage them, deal with clients and lead some people, as well as a host of other external factors, are part of an SEO project. That’s why process management skills are an effective way to put up a successful SEO campaign. You can use process management for better SEO in the following ways:

Goals definition and execution

Setting up goals to be attained is the first step to effective process management. You should get in touch with clients to understand what they expect from you and then define your goals to reach or even overcome their expectations.

You should also establish a clear SEO strategy to achieve the goals, and worry about having the processes for implementing the strategies. Then, you’ll be able to scale it in a more effective way.

Definition of roles is another key aspect when setting up the processes. Each part needs to have a clear defined role and goal to achieve.

Establish your tools

Any job has its own set of tools. When we talk about SEO, the tools you choose to run the processes are extremely important.

The process management will help you define your tools for the jobs according to their strategy and use them in the right manner. Some of the most important tools for better SEO include the following:

  • SEmRush- Tracks the volume, organic keywords and gives you a ton of graphics. This is a powerful tool that is far much better than that information available on Google Ads. It does offer a lot of features. It’s a paid tool, but it’s a great deal.
  • Dropbox- This can be used for file sharing and one of the best at it. Dropbox makes teamwork far much easier as access to files is easy at all times. It’s also one of the most convenient tools to use when in comparison with others cloud services.
  • Inbox-zero methodology – This is an efficient and fundamental technique for better process management. Having an organized inbox ensures that communication flows as it should be and that things are organized.


Communication is essential in any organizational structure. During process management, you will have to work with a team and to ensure that there is clear communication is one of the keys to achieving the goals on time. Effective communication ensures that the information reaches the desired destination in an understandable manner. Also, engaging and communicating with the client in a high-frequency level is very important as this fastens the process of problem-solving among other issues that may arise.

As a leader, you can organize for daily, weekly or at least monthly briefings with the team to communicate any new information as well as to get an update on the progress of their tasks.


SEO process management requires organization, deep knowledge of the processes and discipline. You will have to identify the steps of your projects in order to draw workflows that anyone can understand. After that, you’ll have to start measuring and applying the available resources. Some of the most vital processes for SEO projects include:

  • Buying links, article submissions, and directories- This is usually done when the time is limited and you need to start ranking soon.
  • Link baits, widgets, and competitions analysis- These are important processes that come as an SEO OnPage strategy, and must be done at the very beginning.


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