What To Look For In A Set Of Great Headphones

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What is headphone ?It’s a legitimate question! There are literally thousands of different models and brands to choose from, not to mention headphones for running and exercising, headphones for watching television or movies, listening to music (of course), and the list goes on! This site is here to help you find a great set of headphones that will fit your budget and lifestyle!

Scroll down to browse through different categories depending on what you need – we have lists of some of the best headphones for 2017 including ear buds, exercises phones, studio cans, noise cancelling, you name it! On the side bars we also have lots of great info on what to look for in a set of headphones depending on the application if you’re unsure, as well as lots of great product reviews!

Knowing what to look for in a set of headphones can be pretty frustrating, especially if you’re not an audiophile. You want the best sounding headphones for the best price that you can afford! So how do you get that? Well following a few of these tips is a good start:

1 – Set A Budget and Stick To It! 

When buying any sort of electronics it’s pretty easy to get lost in the maze of crazy features that you think it might be cool to have, and what started out as wanting to spend $100 ends up with you spending $300 or more! Trust us, we’ve been there! Decide, what you can realistically spend on a set of cans and stick to it, if you come in under budget, that’s great! But don’t wind up with buyers remorse and a drained bank account.

2 – What Do You Need To Do? 

All headphones were not created equal and it’s important to realize this. As you can see in our category list above, there are many different types of headphones for many different occasions. Looking to listen to your tunes on a crowded and noisy bus? Maybe a set of noise-cancelling headphones are for you… Want to listen to music while you’re working out… exercise headphones, obviously You get the point. And don’t expect a cheap pair of earbuds to provide a listening experience that is just like being there, it’s not going to happen!

3 – Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

This is a hard one if you are dead-set on purchasing online, but don’t let that scare you off. Read reviews and guaranteed you’ll find people raving about the comfort of some headsets and absolutely bashing others. It’s usually a fairly universal thing, unless you have massive ears or a very large head this method will keep you from buying an uncomfortable pair of headphones 95% of the time.

4 – Know The Difference Between Dynamic and Static

Essentially we have two different types of headphone, electrostatic, and dynamic.

Think of the speakers in a dynamic set of headphones as the same type that are in your stereo or car. These are basically the most common type of speaker going and tend to use a cone that vibrates to produce the sound.

Electrostatic differ in that the thing that vibrates is no longer a cone but a thin sheet of mylar “plastic” that reacts to static electricity, in case you were wondering, yes these are definitely newer technology, and for that reason you’ll pay a higher price tag. But, you’ll also most likely get a better sound.

In general, dynamic type headphones are going to be cheaper, but can still offer a very nice sound as long as you’re willing to spend a bit more. If you have the budget however, go for the electrostatic!

5 – Sealed, Earbuds, Open-air? What does it all mean!

Essentially if you’re looking for a higher-quality set of headphones then sealed or an open-air design will give you a better sound.

Sealed sets are obviously better for listening in louder environments as they cup the entire ear and keep excess noise out. They also do the opposite, keeping the sound you are listening to in so that you don’t disturb coworkers, your significant other, your dog, etc…

Open-air typically deliver the best sound overall in our humble opinion, and are also usually the most comfortable. They don’t need to grip your ear as much and allow for the sound to vibrate more easily. They are prone to the problems mentioned above , owever.

Earbuds are fairly self-explanatory and in general you won’t get the same high-fidelity sound as you would with a pair of sealed or open-air set, but if you are into exercising or any form of physical activity then these are usually the way to go. Although it does seem to have become a bit of a trend lately to go out walking with an enormous set of sealed headphones around your head!

Keep this in mind when searching for a new set of headphones and you’re off to a great start! So what are the best headphones? The best headphones are the ones that are right for you!

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