Lot of bizarre reviews on WhatsApp appear after the app update

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WhatsApp application gives a lot of new updates in the application for the people but the app failed to get the good reviews from the user for the status change in WhatsApp. Famous Facebook Company owned cross the application instant messaging device and the WhatsApp has recently accepted a doubtingly high number of supportive reviews in the Google Play Store or an app store. This follows current updates to the application that many have to assign to the source which is similar to the features afford by the Snapchat app, as well as the development of the opposing applications like Telegram.

While there is emptiness innately wrong with getting a lot of good reviews, there is something not to a certain extent right about these specific ones. Over two thousand access can be found that refer to the WhatsApp as a game, which as you are well awake, it is not in the WhatsApp application.

Some critic state that they are thinking it is very easy way to game without the amount of cost or it is a fun game for all. The wide majority of these distrustful reviews have come into view between the month of February and the month of March of the present year 2017, and more mainly, most of these reviews give WhatsApp application a 5-star rating.

What builds this story quite unfamiliar is that not one thing of the additional top ten applications on the Google Play Store or an app store has been attacking and encroach with such reviews from the users.

Therefore by this positive review but baffling ratings have to go along with the huge amount of negative response and the WhatsApp has been taking from the users who are all unhappy with the latest changes with the application. The fact that the instant messenger service is also conceivably uncertain does not assist the matters.

WhatsApp is recently experiencing one of its lowest typical ratings, in seated position at the 3.5 out of 5. Still, it does yet have a complete average of 4.4 which is based on 55 million reviews in the app store or an app store.

These different determinants have led some to distrust that the developers having received pay people to write these likable reviews. Still, in a declaration for The Next Web, WhatsApp has announced about this.

It is not clear at this point what really come to pass, but the abrupt amount of independent five-star reviews, without a doubt, gives a reason for a while.

WhatsApp application is debatably the sole most famous instant messenger service in the world. It being gained by personal exertion by the Facebook application without any doubt gave its perceptibility a bit of a push, but it was still laboriously famous before that. In spite of its influential development and the popularity of the application, Whatsapp application commonly held opinion of person’s character has endured a little lately thanks to the privacy responsibility and the bad in reputation Snapchat app feature clone which is called as the scandal. A closer look at Google Play Store ratings in the WhatsApp has now leaded to an interesting uncertainty.

The Clone Wars between the applications:

WhatsApp application has given up the large number of features over the previous months and therefore some which have been broadly admired by its user based application such WhatsApp web that is said to be its web client and the phone calls in the app, but no specifications has been so disputed as the new status feature in it. The status feature is often criticized as a Snapchat app clone and has caused such a commotion with the consumer who spammed the social networks sites with a statement of disagreement which is asking for the WhatsApp app to turn back to the older version. As with all app connected dramas, one could anticipate people to let out their anger in the play store or an app store which quite a fewer people did that but something was off.

Play Store – helping hand for the app:

Between the month of January and the month of March in the year 2017 and therefore between the testing aspect and the last release of the new status and the WhatsApp app had a complete average rating of having 3.4 stars of 5 in the Play Store or an app store. It is really interesting to observe that the previous median score of the WhatsApp had continually been between 4.5 and 5 stars in the ratings, so this could be a free reaction by the users of the Whatsapp. While it’s totally normal to receive negative reviews after a disputed feature update of an application, which is followed by the request was quite the opposite of the app.  After the last release of the new status update in the app, play store ratings of the WhatsApp is dramatically shot up.

Alluringly, after the coming to a destination of the new status in the app, good reviews of the WhatsApp in the Play Store have ascended considerably. The average rating of the app is jumped up from 3.4 stars to 4.8 stars. A post on the Telegram was the first to have a usually down and therefore look into what was going on and came to the end that at least 10 percent of the reviews for the certain app were most likely not original. It is quite easy to agree with this, specifically if you have a near look at what the 5-star reviews which are actually given by the users.

It understands to see that lot of reviews are mentioned the word called the game and therefore which have without any question nothing to do with the WhatsApp application. The authentic evaluation on the Telegraph and it decided to compare the reviews with the rival Telegram of the WhatsApp. All of that referral is in relation to the bot games in the Telegram application.

The Next Web turned up on this story and it is decided to see into this situation a bit further than the other app. They got in contact with the WhatsApp application and got the following feedback:

At the similar time, The Next Web also received validation from the App Annie who concentrates on the specific area in the App Store data monitoring system and that the data which is released by the Telegra.ph and post is indeed without error. We have reached out to the WhatsApp application as well having to do with this problem as well and will update this problem as soon as.

And now?

While it is not difficult to see why the app store rating of the WhatsApp application is suddenly dropped – understanding where these thousands of duplicate reviews came from it, and why is not easy. Buying the false reviews to increase the app store which seems to the game and the Play Store is neither a well-unseen secret nor is it particularly not easy or more costly. It is highly unclear that the WhatsApp application would enlist in this practice, nor do they require to – but the queries are still in rest who would gain the advantage from this? Either the way, it looks like the conversation has switched away from the WhatsApp application cloning Snapchat specification.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well-known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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