Magical guidelines of social media marketing

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Social media marketing is the major part of digital marketing so it needs some magical guidelines.

After reading the title of this article, still, you are reading this content that means you have a little bit of interest in it or you have to do it. But what is the right process to gain the maximum benefits from social media? Yes, it is a big question mark. Every marketer tries new things to cross the limit and even sometimes their new tricks play a great role but at the end of the day their new tricks become older then they have to think a new one.

So, the modern social media marketing trends are just like water>heat>cloud>rain>again water and it is the reality. But still, there has some process which is sustainable. In this article, we will find out those sustainable processes which are helping us from the starting era of social media marketing but unfortunately, we are neglecting them.

There has many digital marketing techniques are available such as content marketing, email marketing, SEO, content writing and much more. Besides all of this techniques, social media plays a major role.

Importance of Social Media in Marketing

Well, we all know that many people use social media but how many people? The digit is beyond our imagination. This articles will help you to expand your imagination.

Global social media research summary 2016

Number of social network users in India from 2014 to 2021 (in millions)

Percentage of U.S. population with a social network profile from 2008 to 2016

Common Methods of Social-media-marketing

There have many traditional processes we like to use such as open a business page on social media like the facebook page, twitter page, Google+ page then share published content links, pictures, articles and much more things. If a business person has enough money then let’s go for a paid campaigning on facebook or twitter. Many of us know that all above-mentioned tricks play for a certain time but they are not sustainable.

After doing a paid campaigning we will get lots of likes and followers or visitors but where is the lead? At the end of the day likes will bring some comments or shares but a business person needs the business. Definitely, paid campaignings are the most important part but still many small organizations are getting leads from social media without any paid campaigning. How are they getting the success?

I divided the whole marketing process, they are

  • Timing

  • Frequency

  • Give & Take

Let’s do a deep conversation with them.


Well, I already mentioned about posts which we traditionally do on our social media business pages. But only posts are not enough.

Shot your bullet at the right time

Okay, let’s make it clearer. Suppose you are selling books for mature students who are using social media and you want to capture their attention by using social media channels. So, when you post your matters on social media?

Think about it.

Okay, let’s post it at 10 am, but that time they are busy to prepare themselves for schools or colleges. That means they will miss your post. Then? Let’s do it at 2 pm, but at that time they are busy in their schools. Again they will miss your post. Then when you should make posts for your targeted customers? Think about it very seriously or your post will be useless.

I have a suggestion for you. Suppose you are a student then think when you will get the time to active yourself on social media after a busy day? If you ask me then my answer will be at late night because after a busy day students like to spend some relax time on social media at late night.

Now think about your timing according to your business.


How many posts should you publish in a day?

Have you thought about it ever? If yes then definitely you know that there is no appropriate answer. But I have an answer which is “ENDLESS.” Yes, do endless posts. There is no limitation, no guidelines, do as much you can. Even I saw many successful marketers do more than 30 social media posts in a day.

From where you will get 30 posts in a day? There also has a solution for that. Let’s go back for an example.

Suppose you are selling mathematical books for students. So, you can share recent mathematical news, about published books worldwide, mathematical puzzle and much more, then side by side you can share your everyday published articles. This process will give you many benefits such as your page will be always active, people will get information from your page, and also people will offer interest on your page because you are not only selling products, also you are offering information.

Give & Take

Give and take policy is the oldest procedure in the marketing industry. And still, it can bring success for any digital marketer. Let’s come to the point that how we can use this policy in social media marketing. Remember that, social media is fully based on people who are using them so you need the attention of people by taking help from someone.

How? Okay, let’s explain this.

Suppose you just started a business page on facebook, usually, at the very first stage, you should not expect that you will get a lead within two days. So, your first target should be getting more and more likes from users. If your page is related to books then search for other pages related to books and have a big digit of likes (More than 5,000). Now make an excel sheet and save those page links with names.

Now you have collected some important information. At first, you need to give like on their pages and make a strong connection by giving some good comments and reviews. By giving some good reviews and comments you can easily grab their attention.

At the end, It is the time to shot your bullet. Post your facebook page link on those pages walls and wait for the approval. If you get only two approvals out of 10 pages and those two pages have 5000 each like then you will able to grab the attention of 10,000 users and among them definitely you will get a good amount of likes. Post your links many times but don’t do it within a certain time. Always maintain a time gap when you are posting the same link on the same page.

The most important part of social media marketing is patience and techniques. Everyone has their own unique technique. Try to invent your own and make a blast without sound.

Hope this tricks will help you to get maximum benefits from social media. Share if you like the content.

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