Need of mobile apps for any enterprise

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The dominance with relation to smartphone usage is clearly a sign regarding the vital necessity of mobile apps as a branding tool for any enterprise. Every entrepreneur needs a mobile app for their business to prosper.

Below mentioned are various statistics to signify how mobile apps have augmented the enterprise world.

At present, the world comprises of 1.2 billion people who are availing their smartphones to use the web.
Taking into account the next 2 years, increased purchases via mobile apps are estimated to be done by 63% of the mobile users.
Nearly 90 % of the time spent by mobile users on using the devices is related to using mobile apps.
Based on analysis done by Distinmo, 86 % of the well established and top brands have made their presence felt on iPhones. Also, 66% of the brands encompass at least one iPad app. Further 59 % of the brands are featured on Android devices and 26 % and 9% of the brands are featured on the Blackberry store and the Nokia Store respectively.
Nearly 42 % of all the mobile sales done by over 500 retailers was made a possibility thanks to the presence of mobile apps.
85% of the users’ side towards using native mobile apps compared to mobile websites.
The global mobile app revenue which was 35 billion in 2014 is said to rise to 77 billion by 2017. The revenues generated for the years 2015 and 2016 stood at 45 billion and 58 billion respectively.
Nearly 90 % of the time users spend in using mobile phones is accounted for mobile apps while the remaining 10 % is accounted by using browsers in the app.
Mobile apps accounted for gaming (15%), entertainment (17%), Facebook (19%), Messaging and Social Media (12%) and Youtube (3%) to name some instances of applications. However coming to browsers it accounted only for Safari (6%) and Chrome usage (4%)
From analysis it was estimated that the monthly usage of mobile apps and mobile websites among men stood at nearly 30 hours and 3 hours & 45 minutes respectively. In the case of women, they spent nearly 31 hours and 3 hours & 46 minutes respectively in terms of monthly usage of mobile apps and mobile websites marginally surpassing the men in terms of usage.
The users in the age group of 18 to 24 downloaded 28 apps and used 37 hours with respect to app usage monthly. The age group of 25 to 34 used nearly 30 apps and spent nearly 36 hours approximately. For the age group 35 to 44, 29 apps were used and nearly 34 hours were spent. For the app users in the age group of 45 to 54, they used nearly 26 apps and spent almost a day with regards to app usage per month. For the remaining age group of 55 and above, the users used 22 apps on an average and spent 21 hours on app usage monthly.
The main advantages of incorporating a mobile app into a business resulted in Sales augmentation by 55 %. Also, the augmentation of user experience and the metrics related to the enterprise to boost and gain the upper hand in the market accounted for 50 % each.
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