How to do A Perfect Guest Posting for Content Marketing?

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Content marketing is the fastest and the best possible way for a successful SEO output. Experts know that “Content is the king.” A perfect content marketing strategy comes from right word selection and content submission with full of effort. Here I am going to explain what is content marketing and how you can get success.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a link distribution method through various high PR websites. Many high PR websites are available who offer guest posting services. After a successful guest posting, you will get a strong link signal for your website, and it will help you to grab a good rank in Google. This procedure is very effective, so every SEO expert does the method to achieve the success. This is one part of guest posting but remember that, this should not be your ultimate target.

Many people make the mistake, and they only give focus on link submission but remember


Well, your published content should be informative and unique. Your first target is giving some knowledge to your readers about what kind of services you are offering. Yes, knowledge. For example, if you are a lending company and offer loans, then you articles or blog should be related to various kinds of terms, rules of loans and also you can give advice your readers on deferent sections of a loan. For example,

How to Apply for A Home Loan

Your good advice will attract your readers towards your service. And there has a chance to get a good response from your reader. So the concept is clear, only article submission may give you a good rank but along with the grade, you need buyer response.

Ok, lets back to the topic which is “ How to do A Perfect Guest Posting.”

Step 1

At first, you should have some good quality contents for your marketing. Now select some high PR guest posting websites, where you want to publish your content. Many websites offer guest posting service such as,, and much more. Some websites have registration process like ezine and sooper has the registration process, but samplediary does not need any registration.

It is not like that, just visit the site, do the registration and submit the content. They have many rules and regulations you have to maintain to avoid article rejection because if your article got rejected, then your efforts will be useless.

So, at the very first you need to visit their article submission guidelines page and read it very carefully.

Step 2

Make it confirm that your article is according to the guidelines of that particular website. Check it four times before publishing it. The writers usually face the following reasons as a cause of article rejection.

1. Grammatical issues ( Main Reason)

2. Low-quality content

3. Country name mentioned

4. Adult content

5. Wrong category selection

And much more reasons are available.

Step 3

After reading all the guidelines, now it is the time to publish your article. Visit their article submission page and fill all fields according to the requirements of that particular website. Don’t forget to use hyperlinks on your targeted keywords. If you forget to do that, then your submission will not be a successful effort for your website.

Step 4

After a successful submission now waits for the confirmation email from that particular website. It takes around 72 hours for approval, but confirms within 24 hours.

Hope this steps will help your content marketing strategy.

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