Proven Tips for Perfect SEO Content Writing

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A perfect SEO plan needs exact SEO content writing to get the success among the competitors. So, an SEO knows the importance of SEO content writer in the field of search engine marketing. As we all know that the content is the kind and without a king, there is no value of kingdom.

In today’s online marketing era, Google is the king and if a content writer knows the perfect way of SEO writing then there have endless jobs for him/her in the market. The following guidelines you need to be followed as an SEO content writer to get instant ranking in Google.

I am not going to describe the keyword research because SEO writers don’t do that usually. Basically, they receive keywords from SEO executive and write the content accordingly.

I have already published a blog on How To Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research.

Write a Title for Your Content

As we all know that a title plays a very important role for SEO writing. A title does lots of work for you such as attract readers, attract search engine, Represent your content and much more but sometimes we only focus on the attraction of people, not on search engines.

Yes, as a writer we should give special focuses on the reader’s experience because good writers write for the people not for the search engines. But besides all of this, we need rank for our own websites or our client’s websites.

Before selecting a title, you need to focus on some basic things such as make it attractive, informative and the most important factor of SEO writing is you need to insert a keyword in your title. Yes, you have to.

For example, my blog title is “Proven Tips for Perfect SEO Content Writing” and my targeted keyword is SEO Content Writing. So, you can see that I have used one of my keywords in my title which will give you the better feedback of your effort.

Place it in First Stanza

The first stanza is one of the most important places for you, especially for articles. Always insert a keyword in the first stanza of your blog. It works better for SEO but if you are writing an article then you need to do a little hard work.

Why? If you have experience in blog and article publishing then you will easily understand that. Suppose you are publishing a blog in your own word press website, then you have the authority to write the Meta title and description so, you can easily input your keywords in your Meta description and title. But if you are publishing content on a third-party article publishing website then what you will do? Because they don’t allow you to insert a Meta title and description.

According to the third party article websites process, they take first 160 words from your article’s description as the Meta description and your article title will be the Meta title. So, if you able to insert a keyword in first 160 words of your article then it will work the best for you.

Body of Your Content

Now come to the body of the content. Remember that this is the section where a reader gets the maximum information so always make it informative and don’t try to insert keywords forcefully. Just write it based on your topic and if you get an opportunity to place a keyword then do it or just left it and finish your content perfectly.

You just need to follow the above instructions and believe me, nothing can stop you to achieve the ranking.

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