Proven Ways For A New Blogger to Select A Blog Title

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A good looking blog theme and random blog posts are not enough for good ranking in Google. Besides all of this, you need a perfect SEO friendly title which will allow you to grab a great position among the search results of google. Many bloggers just post their writing without any SEO view but I already mentioned that it is not enough.

As a blogger, you should understand the first impression is your blog title. If your blog title has the ability to attract people then no one in the world can stop you to touch the success. But how we can do that? There have some small steps are available and this little steps can help you the most.

If your blog has many posts and if you do some research then you will found that some of your posts are popular and some are not. Why does it happen? Yes, you are right, SEO is not with those posts.

I already published a post on How To Start Your First Blog, now, let me explain that how I usually choose my blog title.

Do Keyword Research and Insert It

Yes, at the very first step, I do my keyword research by using Google Keyword Planner. After selecting the topic of my next blog, I do research on the most relevant keywords of my upcoming blog. Then I pick most relevant with a good traffic.

Now, it is the time to use a keyword with the blog title. For example, I select a keyword “Guest Posting” – then I select a title “Ways To Do A Perfect Guest Posting.” I have inserted the keyword in the title, that means I have done the first task.

Use Prefix and Suffix

Now it is the time to attract readers. You can do that by playing with prefix and suffix. Let me give an example. I selected the title “Ways To Do A Perfect Guest Posting.” Now I am going to change it to “Top 7 Ways To Do A Guest Posting.” So, what do you think? Definitely, the second one is more attractive than the first one. It increases the chances for getting more clicks.

Make It Short and Descriptive

Usually, Google shows 60 characters on the search page and if you have more characters in your blog title it will be “Ways To Do A Perfect Guest Posting…………” on google search result and normally as a reader, we don’t like to click on those type of results. So the best way is to keep it short the meaningful. A short and meaningful title can give you the best results.

Not only myself, you also can select the best SEO friendly title for your blog. A little practice and hard work can make you perfect on this job. Do your perfect keyword research and make a boost by posting new blogs.

If you think that the post can help you then share it and help those who are new on the field of blogging.

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