What is the Relation Between Android and A well known Spanish Sweet NOUGAT?

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As we all know Nougat, it is a Spanish sweet made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts, egg whites, and with all of this, sometimes chopped fruit. The consistency of nougat is chewy, and it is used in a variety of candy bars as well as chocolates.

But it is strange to read the title of the article.

Okay, let’s open the secret. We all know about Android, the best operating system for our smartphones and also it showed us new ways to use smartphones. It offers flexibility, freedom and a user-friendly interface for users. The most recent version of Android is marshmallow, and many of us are already using it. Maybe you have a marshmallow operating system on your smartphone.

Many of us don’t know all the names of released Android OS names. Here they are.


  • Android 1.5


  • Android 1.6


  • Android 2.0
  • Android 2.1


  • Android 2.2


  • Android 2.3


  • Android 3.0
  • Android 3.1
  • Android 3.2

Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Android 4.0

Jelly Bean:

  • Android 4.1
  • Android 4.2
  • Android 4.3


  • Android 4.4


  • Android 5.0
  • Android 5.1


  • Android 6.0

For more information give a look at Android Story.

All above mentioned OS versions are already released, and the new version is coming soon in this year. After a long time and after taking a significant number of suggestions, At last, Google has released the name of upcoming new 7.0 Android, which is NOUGAT. Following the Android and beta, Google has always given names in alphabetical orders as well as follow the sweet names. So, after marshmallow, it is the time for “N.” But Google was facing difficulty in selecting the name. It offered people to vote until June 8, and now announced that it will call Nougat.

According to the words of Google, the final version of Android Nougat would be in the market later in the summer. In late September, it will be available on the market. Also, there has good news for those who are planning to buy a Nexus phone, because the new Android 7.0 version will be preinstalled on the new Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 phones for 2016. If you already bought a Nexus phone, you don’t need to feel sorry for your bad luck because Nougat update will be available at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

Want to know the difference between Android “M” and “N?” Visit Android M Vs. N.

There have many new features included with Android Nougat such as

  • Bundled notifications: many notifications from the same app can be grouped together
  • Efficiency: Doze now also saves battery whenever the screen is turned off
  • Improved Java & language support: Java 8 language features are coming to Android

So, it is the time to wait for the surprise.

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