How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career

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Digital Marketing, the word makes a boom sound nowadays. The demand of online marketing is increasing every day and a big number of people want to be a digital marketing executive. Many private institutes are available and they offer an excellent opportunity to learn digital marketing. This is also short or starts up way to start your career as a digital marketer. Besides this, you need some on hand experience and if you able to gain this then you don’t need any institute or any certification.

Start Learning from a Digital Marketing Institute

Learning from an institute is a good way to start your journey and lots of people select this process to achieve some knowledge as well as a certificate. This process will help you to get an interview opportunity to prove your knowledge. You can research on the internet, lots of institutes are available and they offer a great opportunity for students. Also, you can earn some practical knowledge on digital marketing because they offer live websites for practice. After completing the course you will get a certificate that proves your knowledge and ability.

This is the first step of your journey but still if you want to gain more knowledge by your own and want to be a self-made digital marketer then the above-mentioned process is not enough because your knowledge says everything, not your certificate. Here are the few ways I am going to suggest for gaining some practical knowledge that will make you perfect.

  • Purchase a domain and hosting (Approximate cost Rs. 2000/Year in India).
  • Start your WordPress blog (Install WordPress).
  • Watch some youtube tutorial video to get some knowledge about WordPress installation.
  • Place Google analytic, Webmaster code.
  • Open a Google AdWord account and do some keyword research.
  • Start blog posting and little traffic will come to your blog.
  • Open social media pages dedicated to your blog.
  • Share everyday posts to your social media.
  • Analyze Google Webmaster and Analytics report weekly.
  • Decorate your blog by using different ideas.
  • Do Google and Facebook paid campaigning (Google PPC, Facebook advertisement).
  • Apply for Google Adsense and place the code to your blog.

Don’t need to take much worry because you will get all tutorials on YouTube. To complete all above-mentioned activities, you just need to spend 1 hour per day for 30 days. But don’t think that you will be an expert on digital marketing after giving 30 hours. This whole process will give you some on hand knowledge, even more than many digital marketers in the market.

It’s not compulsory that you have to join a company as a digital marketer, you can set up your organization and start working. This is also a great way to start your journey and a big number of marketers are doing the same.

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