Top 5 best foods to fight aging

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Life is a circle in which human-being are generated and then disappear. In other words, people were born, grew up and as the rule of nature we die. When people come of age, we experience numerous changes in both physical and mental health. Those transformations somehow make us less comfortable and confident in communication as well as general quality of life is fallen significantly. With respect to physical health, aging presents by deterioration in function as well as structure of many organ in the body.

Because of those disturbances, the deepest aspiration of people in all generation is to find out elixir of life. This ambition is expressed over the work of arts like painting, poem, novels and music. However, we still have to accept to be aged as there is no better way to keep the balance of nature. Although there is no way to stop the Death in the doorway, we can slow down and mitigate the negative impacts of this phenomenon by various steps. In this sense, this paper is aimed to provide people some health-boosting foods by which we can account on in the battle against time devastation.

  1. NMN-rich foods

NMN-nicotinamide mononucleotide is the compound synthesized in the body cells and also replenish through the food supplement. NMN plays a key role in the construction of nucleus acids and function properly of many enzymes. Some studies suggested that NMN help in improving the metabolism rate and energy efficiency of the old experimental animals which are fed with NMN supplement diet. The same effect was not seen from the younger ones. The result can be explained by the deficiency in the NMN absorbance of digestive system in elderly.  Although the scientists said that the amount of NMN from the vegetables we eat in daily basis is not enough for the factual need, we should still add NMN-rich foods in meal to curb the aging. Among the vegetables, veggies (like broccoli, cabbage), cucumber and avocado are the best source of NMN.

  1. B vitamin- rich foods

Vitamin B is the class of vitamin which consists of water soluble vitamins. They are different in structure and engage in various activities of body, such as cofactor enzymes, metabolic and precursor for other substances. It is well documented that vitamin B is essential for the brain function properly and maintain amount of energy releasing for the body cells. This vitamin class is not only various in member, but also come from different kind of foods. For instance, mushroom and whole grains, bananas, potato, chilli pepper are packed with vitamin B1, while vitamin B12 is found in large amount in green left vegetable. One should bear in mind that, in spite of being available in foods, B vitamins are easy to be loss due to consumption of beer or alcohol.

  1. Antioxidant substances

Needless to say, the free radicals which are stemmed from the metabolism processes of our body are the main cause of aging. Those substances constantly attack the cells membrane and other structures resulting in the deficiency of body’s cells. Not only that, the oxidant is also considered as the major cause of many heart diseases as well as cancers. One simple step to give our body a boost is taking the foods containing a great deal of antioxidant substances. Vitamin C should come top of the list amongst the anti free radical compound and people can look for the source of this vitamin from orange, guavas, citrus fruits ,kiwi, broccoli, papaya and berries. Other great source of antioxidant substance must be named as green tea, sweet potato, salmon and carrot. These food promote treating oral thrush process as well.

  1. Carotenoid source

Carotenoids are the vast class of plant pigments that can be found in yellow or red vegetables and weeds. It also appears in some sea animal with red or pinkish color, such as salmon, shrimp and crabs. The benefit which is offered by rich-source of carotenoids foods is antioxidant property. As mentioned above, the flushing out and neutralize free radicals is vitally important in maintaining body health. People can look up the carotenoids rich foods list to replenish their diet, such as carrot, sweet potato, bumpkin, chilli pepper, cantaloupe melon and deep green left vegetable.

  1. Omega 3 acids

Some scientists pointed out that the cardiovascular patients who eat omega-3 acid in their diet are prone to live longer than the patients who did not. They strive to make out the link between this fatty acid with the longevity of enzyme called telomeres. Telomeres is the enzyme that relates to the length of the DNA as it protects the ended point of DNA, therefore links to the life-span of body cells. In the research, they found that people who consume omega 3 acids has longer telomeres than the rest. It proves the fact that, omega 3 acid is not only the deterrence of prostate cancer, heart diseases but also being anti-aging foods. People can find this non-saturated acid from salmon, flax seeds, cod liver oils, egg yolk and sardines.


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