Top 7 Gadgets for College Students

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A college student has his own necessities, and it is not just limited to a Smartphone and a Laptop. Instead, there are so many other important things they must carry with you.

We have compiled a list of top 7 Gadgets that would be helpful for any college student.

Remember these gadgets are not mandatory for college life, but carrying them would make the things much easier and better.

1. Pocket Projector

Coolest stuff for anyone.

You do not need a TV or Laptop while giving an emergent presentation or watching a movie or Netflix in your Dorm room.

Pocket projector is a small projector that you can connect to your mobile or laptop and watch the pictures right on the white screen or wall.

Though it will not give you the real perfection of the bigger projectors, but it is certainly great for quick entertainment.

2. Bladeless Fan

Not every place in your college would have good air conditioning system, and why you would suffer due to that?

A bladeless fan is a small piece and can fit easily in small places or anywhere in dorm rooms.

Though it will not be able to replace the Air-conditioners, but still it provides ample amount of air to relax.

3. Wireless Speakers

Dorm room without speakers is boring.

You need a light background music playing in the background while you are studying. The students who love music in the background must have one of them in their dorms.

The wireless speakers from Bose are one of the best speakers we have ever used. Though they are pricey, but you get what you pay for.

4. Portable Mobile Charger

Anybody out there who would say it is a less important thing?

Portable chargers were the goldmine for travellers and are no less for students.

We as student use to forget to charge our phone at home, and with the low battery we step out to college. But if we have a portable charger with us, we can charge our mobiles at any time.

5. Hoverboard

The hoverboard is one of the elegant and fun things you can carry with you in your college.

I used to be very much fascinated by them and ultimately ended up buying one.

Back then when hoverboards were initially launched, they were quite a price thing. But now in 2017, we have hoverboards that would cost you as low as $300 and are good for both designs and features.

So if you can afford a hoverboard, then do get one.

6. Walkie Talkies

If you are living in a dorm, there must be so many of your friends in other Dorms and talking to them on phone can be expensive.

Using walkie-talkies to communicate with your friends in other rooms would not just money-saving but is also a fun thing to do.

Though walkie talkie would cost you very cheap, they come with very short range.

7. Wireless headphones

Who doesn’t like headphones?

Music is no doubt the best way to entertain yourself at any place, and when you combine them with the wireless headphones, the enjoyment doubles.

With no hassles of wires, these types of headphones are best for college students.

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