Top Tips to Select Your Website or Blog Domain Name

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Selecting a domain name is a very exciting work and also a very first step to start a website or blog. Those people know the excitement of owning a domain name as well as a website or blog. But unfortunately, more than 60% people make mistakes when they select their website domain name. Here I shall give a closer look at how to pick a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

Here I am not going to describe the technical terms or anything to explain what is a domain name. Let’s make it simple, for example, everyone has a postal address, and if people want to contact you, then they will knock you on your postal address. Just like that, when you want to visit a website, you need to type a name on your browser’s address point like, it called domain name. In a simple word domain name is your website or blog address and people will knock your web address when they need it.

Type of Domains

The domain name has different types based on your target and purpose. Here I am going to explain.

Company Name

If you have a company, and you want to start a website, then you can select your domain name based on your business names like or They picked their domain based on their company name. It helps you to make a fast identification on the internet. People can easily get you on the Google without knowing your exact website name by typing your company name. Also, it gives brand value as well as an excellent presentation on the web


Most of the people select this type of domain name in this modern era. Yes, it gives a different feeling when you play the domain name on your tongue. Also, it offers many benefits such as funky names are easy to remember, and people get interested when they listen to the name. There have many examples of funky domains such as,, and much more.

SEO friendly

Yes, SEO friendly domains also have huge demand. An SEO friendly domain can help you to rank very fast on Google. Many SEO friendly domain examples are available such as,; they are guest posting websites.

Know more about guest posting.

It depends on your needs and choice that what kind of domain name you want to select. But you should know some basic tips when you are going to book your website domain name. There have several things you need to remember such as

Only Select DOT Com

If you don’t need traffic and branding for your website then this option is not for you, but the main thing is, everyone needs traffic and branding so .com is the best if you need traffic and branding on the internet. Most people who use the web still do an automatic assumption and like to use .com after every domain name. So, a .com domain can help you to grab more traffic. Also, .com presents your website or blog worldwide not .org or .in.

Select a Unique Domain

Every domain name is a unique name but doesn’t choose your domain name just near spelling of a famous website’s domain name. For example, is the don of the web, if you select a domain name like then your traffic will be diverted to, not your website because Google is already famous on the internet and search engine will show the famous website names related to your search. This mistake can bring a disaster to your site. Also, I, do not recommend wrong spelling domains. When people enter a domain name, usually they use right spelling so it will effect your traffic.

Small & Easy to Spell

A short domain name with easy spelling can bring blesses for you. Small-domain means easy to remember and easy to spell there have fewer chances of misspelling. There have many established websites such as,,, and much more examples are available.

Avoid Special Characters

You should avoid unwanted characters like hyphens and numbers. It affects the simplicity of your domain name. For example or, which one is easy to type,? The second one, then you should go for the second one. Also, use hyphen or numbers may the cause of poor ranking in Google.

Hope all above-mentioned tips can help you most when you will buy your domain and also help you to gain more traffic with branding on the web.

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