How To Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

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Completing your keyword research before writing any content is a wise idea and successful bloggers do it to get more and more traffic. Searching some exact keywords for a content is nowadays is really an easy task but selecting the perfect one is really a hard task if you don’t have enough experience. Today I will tell you the basic steps that how to select perfect keywords for your blog or website by using Google keyword planner that can give you the ultimate success.

At the very first step, you need to understand on which topic you want to write. After selecting your topic, just make an idea that what type of keywords people may use when they will search related your selected topic and make a list of those keywords. If you able to do that then you have done your 50% keyword research work.

Now, it’s the time to take a little help from Google keyword planner. You just need to search Google keyword planner and click on the first result. After that, the main work will be started. Here is the video tutorial for you that how to use Google keyword planner. After applying this online Google tool, you will get a big list of keywords and you have selected the perfect keywords. In this step, you need to use your brain.

Google does not only show the keywords, besides this, Google shows some other factors such as competition of the keyword, search criteria, keywords value and much more. You need to give special focus on the competition and search criteria for selecting a perfect group of keywords.

Know how to use keywords to make an SEO friendly blog title.

Understand The Keyword Competition

Google keyword planner shows keyword competition by using three factors like “High, Medium, and Low.” So, the question is to whom you should go. High competition means, lots of people using these keywords to rank their content so it is a real hard work to rank your content by using them. The wise idea is just simply to avoid them. Medium and low say the same story that a medium number of people using this keyword and very low number of people using this keyword.

See the bellow Google Keyword Planner picture

Google keyword planner

Focus on Search Criteria

Search criteria or average monthly search is also a very important factor that Google shows. You can see above picture that shows low and high factors and besides this, it shows the monthly search amount of every keyword. If you select a low or medium keyword which has a very low monthly search then it will be useless because people do not search by using this keyword. So, you need to select those keywords which have a standard monthly search so that you can attract enough visitors.

See above picture, I have used two keywords and they are “keyword research and Keyword planner.”Both of them have low competition and a good amount of monthly search. Now you are ready to write a perfect content after picking some great list of keywords.

Hope the content will help you to understand the every factor. If you have more ideas, please share.

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