WhatsApp’s Coming Soon Brand New Features

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WhatsApp the name of an ultimate application for communication in this modern era. But the upcoming new features of WhatsApp going to change our previous experience with this modern mobile application. It is now ready to blast new features like Snapchat for its platform. The ability to scribble on images and add new stickers to them has been spotted on this modern mobile application’s latest android beta version. WhatsApp is also giving new features to IOS version as well.

Granting the reports, IOS 10 users will able to use messaging services as well as voice calls by using Siri. But still there is no appropriate information but according to the reports, IOS 2.16.10 might have video calls as well as GIF support. There also have many other new features but all of them are in the pipeline such as front facing flash, video zoom by using one finger, which only available when a user will take pictures by using WhatsApp camera.

Granting the words of Android, there was a chance that WhatsApp will unblock the Telegram link which was a messaging platform and it had blocked few month ago. Let’s give a look at brand new upcoming features of WhatsApp.

By using WhatsApp’s new editor, a user will able to crop, add new stickers and scribble on images after clicking them from the WhatsApp’s camera. A broad range of stickers will be available with the new version of WhatsApp. The new stickers will be included with arrow sign, some great and funny emojis, and dialogue balloons. Android has already published some screenshot of WhatsApp’s new editing tools and the tools come with undo option. According to the screenshot published by Android, the set of tools will appear on the top after clicking the picture. A colour pattern will be there to select colours while a user is drawing by using a pencil.

Yes, you are right, the features are little similar to Snapchat‘s present stories and camera app.

The new upcoming feature will allow you to use screen flash which will make the captured photo more clean and better. The idea behind screen flash features is to capture clean images in low light. Basically, this the common feature available on all smartphones. Also, there will be a one finger video zoom tool which will make your video recording experience smoother. It will allow you to zoom easily while you are doing video recording. A user can easily slide fingers up for zoom in and down for zoom out. This is a common feature introduced by Snapchat and then followed by Instagram. It will only work with WhatsApp’s camera.

WhatsApp is giving special focus on improving Siri for IOS 10. It will help the users send out messages and make voice calls directly, by using Apple’s virtual voice assistant. Granting the words of Twitter WABetaInfo account, users will able to give their reply directly on the lock screen when someone calling them on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has already captured the reputation in the world of mobile application and communication, so it is time to wait for the final look of new WhatsApp which already has changed our communication style.

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