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Why You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To Your SERP Ranking

How many search companies are there who ‘guarantee’ you a page one ranking or even a first place ranking on Google, Bing, Ask, or another search engine?  We don’t know exactly, but put it this way, a lot of the time these guarantees aren’t met.

In fact, it is amazing that many companies still get away with making such promises, which is why we would always suggest staying away from them at all costs.

Anyway, if you are spending a lot of time fretting over where you rank on Google for particular keywords, you are wasting your time. Not because having a good search engine ranking isn’t important – of course, it is – but because you could be spending time doing other things that will have a much bigger impact on your company right now.

Yes, the search is important, and ranking on page one could mean limitless additional revenues, but you shouldn’t obsess about it to the point of insanity.

We looked at why.

Personalized Search

You’ve heard about how the internet is becoming more consumer focused, and that it will continue to move in this direction in 2013. While we cannot yet say that search results are 100% customised to ourselves, they are heavily influenced by previous search history, behaviour on social networking sites, where you live, and much more.

Even something as innocuous as whether you are signed into your Google+ or Gmail account can have an impact on where you appear. You cannot possibly control whether someone has signed in or synchronised their browser, so don’t lose too much sleep about personalised search.

Rankings Change

Search engines don’t just update themselves at midnight each day. They are constantly working, indexing new content, finding new links, and deciding that one site should rank above another, or one should be relegated to the backwaters of page three and beyond.

Google update their algorithm over 400 times in a year, meaning SEO is not a perfect science and that you will never be able to keep up with everything. At the same time, there are again things beyond your control that can influence your ranking, such as press coverage and how your content is shared on social media.

Irrelevant Rankings

We turn back to the SEO companies that guarantee you that you will rank first or on page one within a week of signing their deal.

One common way they do this is to make your site rank for reasonably well searched for, yet low in competition, terms. Yes, you might well rank top for a number of keywords, but this is where relevancy comes into play. If you are selling clothes for teenagers and want to rank highly in your local area, there isn’t much point in ranking highly for adult clothes or baby clothes, for example.

It is better to rank a little lower for relevant keywords that will actually bring your site traffic and sales, than higher for meaningless ones that won’t make you any money. Thorough keyword research, whether conducted by yourself or an SEO company, will ensure that your rankings are always relevant.

A high search result is great, but it should not be the only measure of your online performance and success.

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